These are a few of my most-hated things

(To be sung in the tune of Raindrops on roses from The Sound of Music)

If you disturb me during my tea ceremony,
You’ll be the object of my acrimony.

Habitual latecomers who’ve no business being late,
I absolutely hate people who make me wait.

Talking about business during an informal meal,
You’ve absolutely no idea how irritated I feel.

And if I’m stuck in congested traffic,
There’s little else that makes me feel so sick.

Wearing their religion right on their sleeve,
With many people, that’s my pet peeve. 

Making a spectacle about money saved or spent,
Do it quietly, or I’ll need to vent.

Those who’ve a story about everything that’s said,
And will talk endlessly, I want to break their head.

If you serve idlis that are not piping hot,
I promise you, with a gun you’ll be shot.

When it’s raining,
And the wind’s blowing,
And I’m feeling glad.
I simply remember my most-hated things.
And then I do feel so sad.

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B said…
Good read and can relate to the content and your sense of humor.