We'll miss you, Ananth Pagadala

I woke up this morning to some shocking news. Ananth Pagadala passed away around 1:30 AM. On dialysis for the last twenty five years, Ananth succumbed to a heart attack after complaining of breathlessness. Kidney disease patients from around the country including me were left in shock as we got to know about Ananth's passing.

Ananth had helped so many of us over the years holding our hands as we navigated the traumatic journey that kidney disease often entailed. He was very active on Facebook groups always pitching in with a helpful tip or putting to ease an agitated mind as it tried to make sense of the vagaries of life on dialysis.

Founder of Kidney Patients Support Foundation, Ananth also ran a successful business, Global Meditronic, distributing Dialysis and other Medical Consumables. An ardent believer in leading a normal life despite having kidney disease, Ananth employed people who were suffering from this disease.

Ananth had very good knowledge about kidney disease and the technical aspects about dialysis. He used this knowledge to answer several doubts that patients had on various online groups. He would often be one of the first to answer questions posted on the Kidney Warriors group on Facebook.

Ananth always helped dialysis patients. Going through this suffering first hand, he knew that dialysis patients needed all the help they could get. He helped several patients with free Erythropoietin injections among other things. He held several events to promote awareness and provide support for dialysis patients.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Ananth was his ever-cheerful demeanour. No one could even guess that he was on dialysis. He traveled regularly on work and to visit places. An avid foodie, he lived life to the fullest and knew of all the good food joints.

Ananth was an inspiration to all of us and his loss will be felt for a long, long time to come.


Sankaran Sundar said…
Kamal your Homage to Ananth is very touching.
Indeed a great loss to our Kidney warriors group
Pranav said…
Wil miss Ananth . He was beacon of light . Who served hopes to many many many around the world..Couldn't believe this has happened.
ilangovan said…
Readiing from Kamal's post, it appears the world has lost a beautiful soul. God bless thisnoble soul.