NephroPlus Apps - Life on Dialysis made easier

Our tagline at NephroPlus is Dialysis made Easy. We always think of ways we can make the Dialysis experience truly easy for our Guests and Nephrologist and Hospital partners.

As a patient, I have often felt that the process around dialysis can be made much simpler. In the early days of NephroPlus, when we were designing the experience our guests would have during their visit to the centre, we focused a lot on how we could make the process more convenient. Things like easy billing, quickly checking weight, TV and Internet access and so on.

A lot of water has flown down the Ganga since then!

The last few years have seen the explosion of smartphones and everything including groceries to medicines can be ordered on your smartphone. These nifty little devices have become sources of our news, entertainment and social engagement, all rolled into one.

Why not Dialysis, then?

Today, we are launching an app each for our Guests and our Nephrologists.

Imagine how easy it would be if you could book your dialysis session from your app and not have to worry about carrying cash or Credit Cards to the centre? Check.

You wish you could pay for your parent’s dialysis session from your office? Check.

You want to see how your Hemoglobin (or any other lab test) has been trending for the last few years? Check.

You want help deciding what Dialysis-friendly meal to cook this evening? Check.

Video Consult with your nephrologist? Check.

Ask questions to a Dietician? Check.

Book a Holiday Dialysis Session? See which medicines you are supposed to take after lunch? Get tips on fluid control? Check. Check. Check.

And much, much more!

This app is all I could have asked for as a Dialysis Patient. This app is a labour of love for the entire team that has worked on it to make your life, dear Guest, truly easier.

Hope you will download it immediately and start using it. Feel free to share feedback or problems you’re having with it at


Links to download: