My Home Hemodialysis in Numbers - 2022

I started posting a summary of my annual Home HD numbers last year. It was rather well-received. So, here's a snapshot of my Home Hemodialysis in 2022 in numbers. One major difference was that I switched in June this year to Daily Nocturnal HDF. I also posted one-month, three-month and six-month updates. The best part was that the switch did make a perceptible difference as I described in the six-month update!

There was also the disastrous fracture I had on Diwali day which necessitated my first hospital admission in more than a decade and half and a hip replacement surgery. I also had my first major fistula bleed which caused a huge scare.

Those were the major events of the year. Now onto the numbers:

Number of sessions: 253 (126 HDF, 123 HD, 4 HDF->HD due to RO issues)

Average duration: 7.5 hours 

Average Weight Gain: 3.2 kgs (Range 1.05 - 5.4 Kg)

Median Weight Gain: 2.8 kgs

Average UF: 3.26 l (Range 1.6 - 4.4 l)

Median UF: 3.3 l

Average Pre-HD BP: 111/70 mm Hg (Range 87/53 - 135/82)

Average Post-HD BP: 103/64 mm Hg (Range 77/43 - 128/89)

Average RO TDS: 3.5 (Range 0 - 17) (Note - I switched to a double pass system when I moved to HDF)

Average Raw Water TDS: 252 (Range 184 - 374)

I continue to remain unabashed about my fluid intake. So please reserve comments on that front. Refer to the last part of last year's post if you wish to lecture me. My logic is I am going through all the trouble of doing HD / HDF at home. The least I can offer myself is an unfettered fluid and diet intake. :-)

Hope the coming year brings you uninterrupted bliss!


Jayesh said…
Hi Kamal, Wish you a very healthy 2023 ahead !
Manish Chaubey said…
Hello Sir,

I wanted to ask few question about dialysis in India. What is the best way to contact you? Email, linkedin etc.?
Kamal D Shah said…
Email is the best way.
Alluraiah Devarajugattu said…
I like HDF . I am taking monthly 3 to 4 sessions now. It improved my condition. I am also using high flux dialysers and normal F6 dialyser alternatively. My hemoglobin crossing 13 if I use high flux continuesly and I switchover normal HD with F6. Is it directly link to Hiflux or HDF