Proud of my lawn

I took to gardening a few years back.

After two failed attempts at getting grass to grow in a nice manner, I found the right guy to help and had the grass planted. I also got some Arecka palms and other plants and a small garden in my backyard. I also put some plants (including the lovely Philodanda) in the front of my house next to the portico.

The Arecka palms have really grown into fine sturdy beauties.

I've received a lot of compliments for my lawn. It has been a slow journey. You have to be patient with plants. No overnight results.

An aunt got swindled by a quack who used to give "injections" to her plants (some horrible concoction of steroids, I presume) which made the plants grow so fast that they looked abnormal even to the untrained eye. The poor plants did not survive beyond a few months though.

Patience is the key. Slowly but surely they will grow into the best parts of your house.

Every morning, as I sip my cuppa, I really enjoy taking in the freshness of the lawn and the breeze that blows through the palms.


Anonymous said…
Ane lawn nai, jungle kehvai...

Pehla lawn ane jungle ma anter karta sikh...
Kamal D Shah said…
Post na title maa 'lawn' chhe. Pan post vaachta khabar padse ke je photo mukyo chhe te 'arecka palms' no hato je mara lawn na ek side maa chhe.

Aamaa kasho vaandhho?

Aapnu naam to janaavo.