Life's To do list

Many people get so caught up in their daily work and routine that they don't realize what they are working for. Work becomes their life instead of being a part of their life. They always tend to postpone taking a break saying things like, "Let this project finish. Then I'll go to !" That is never going to happen. This project will finish. By the time it finishes, they will get involved in another project. Then another. And another.

If you get caught in this cycle, it will be many years before you realize that you have merely gone about your life, not lived it. Believe me, you will regret it deeply.

Have you seen the film Dasvidaniya? Watch it if you haven't. Its about a guy who finds out he has a terminal illness. Initially, he fumes and frets. He is totally shattered. His alter ego then advises him to do the things he truly likes. He makes a list of 'To dos'. But these 'To dos' are not the mundane things he has been doing throughout his life. These are things he had always wanted to do but couldn't. Things like learning the guitar, telling his love of many years that he loved her, visiting a foreign country etc.

Each of us should make such a list even though we do not have any such illness. The list should have the things that we really, really want to do. Things that we keep postponing. Due to whatever reason. No time, too busy with work, not enough money, too impractical, whatever. Let us make this list. However impractical it may sound.

Then endeavor to achieve these things one by one. Take the easier things first. Plan for the larger things. If we really want them, they will happen. Maybe after some time. But they will. Want real hard however.

Remember these lines from Om Shanti Om?

Kisi cheez ko agar pure dil se chaho, toh saari kayanat use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

(If you wish for something with all your heart, the whole world conspires to get it for you)

I am going to prepare this list real soon.


Anonymous said…
Have u read the Secret?
Its a book on the same lines as the qoute.
If you wish with all your heart u get it.
IGA Nephropathy said…
Dear Kamal,

Have stumbled into your blog few days ago when searching about life on Dialaysis.

I am on the verge of it ...and it came earlier than I anticipated. In your case, it seems to have just showed up.

This post is a reminder for us to actually not postpone to prepare this list. I knew I was getting to Dialysis one day...but did not make such a list as well.

I look forward to interacting more with you (I am also basically from Hyderabad).

Anonymous said…
Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.