A safe analgesic, anyone?

Its about 10 days since my fissure began to bother me again. This time the pain was much more severe than the episode in December last year. I actually had to take two days off from work - a first!

I have been taking a cocktail of analgesics, each having its own set of side effects and potential risks. I was prescribed Myospaz Forte to start with which had 500 mg of Paracetamol and 50 mg of Diclofenac Potassium apart from something else. This relieved the pain to some extent but it was unsafe for folks on dialysis. Sure enough I would feel some congestion in my chest within a few hours of taking it. It was ok if I took the tablet just before my night long session of dialysis. That way the pain would be relieved and the drug wouldn't accumulate in my blood too.

The drug that really worked well for me was called Sumo. And it was really as effective as a Sumo wrestler in beating the pain. Problem - it had 100 mg of Nimesulide - banned in some countries today due to the harmful effects on the liver. I have taken 3 tablets in the last 10 days. Which I am told is ok.

The drug they say is safe for me is Proxyvon which has 100 mg of Propoxyphene Napsylate and 400 mg of Acetaminophen (which I think is the same as paracetamol). This sadly, gives a little relief at best and only for a few hours.

I have also been advised to take a tablet called - hold your breath - "Thank God" which has Euphorbia Prostrata Dry Extract Ethanolic (no idea what this is!) and is supposed to clear any congestion. I asked the doctor why it was named like that. He replied, "Because after people take this drug, they exclaim, 'Thank God!'".

Well, I took it and could only manage a "Why me, God?"

More than 10 days into the pain, I am still looking for something effective and safe till "the fissure heals on its own".

Why, oh why can't medicine have a simple pain killer which you could take any amount of without any side effects?

Seriously, is that too much to ask for? Is it really that big a deal?


IGA Nephropathy said…
Long time back I was taking this Nimusulide I think. It was in a drug called "Nice" ...another nice name to your list (it was from Dr Reddy's). I read later that it is also nephrotoxic and I even wonder if the usage of this drug was what caused my IGA Nephropathy to progress much faster. I was using it for backpains.
Anonymous said…
do sitz bath.. warm water in a tub with dettol 2 caps in it . sit for 10 min atleast twice a day.. it really help s in pain relief and promotes healing of fissure.. no side effects at all. can use lignocaine anal application for local pain relief before u pass stool.. use faktu for healing of fissure.. sitz bath is a must it really helps..
Anonymous said…
I have been using myospazm forte and it has been a magical pill. I take it, and within five minutes, my cervical pain is gone...:)
minal said…
i would recommend a thorough examination with a surgeon and then if possible operative procedure to remove it.