His two cents

There is a gentleman who is a regular at the pool where I swim. He has retired, probably is around 60. A nice affable chap. The only problem is he loves to chat. About everything. He always has an opinion and loves to share it with everyone.

Now, my problem is I am usually in a rush in the morning. I need to quickly finish my twelve lengths and get out. What often happens is that I take a break of a minute or two between lengths. If this guy happens to be on that side of the pool, sure enough, he will start a conversation. "So, how is the software industry these days?" Never mind if we just discussed this same topic just the previous day. And the fortunes of the software industry do not change so fast!

He's a nice guy. So, I don't like to be rude and avoid him. I make polite conversation with him, trying to be brief and then given half a chance set out on my next length.

Suddenly a few weeks back, this guy stopped coming. Not much news to talk about, I thought! Then YSR's chopper went missing. The guy was back. "Divine retribution", I heard him tell someone. When he caught me, he started, "The body was in pieces."

The next time I see him at the pool, sure enough, I am going to assume something newsworthy has happened. I might even go up to him and ask, "Ok, what did I miss?"


Nicky said…
Nice way o keeping up with news and still not becoming a couch potato :P

Ps: I am back :D