Vacation time!

Around this time of the year, for the last couple of years, I have been taking a short break with friends to some place close by. A weekend getaway, if you will. And this time, there are plenty of long weekends coming up. So, I couldn't resist the urge to plan something.

After a little bit of going back and forth, a trip to Visakhapatnam (or Vizag) and Araku valley is in place. Despite being based in Andhra Pradesh all my life, I have not even seen Vizag yet. I have heard a lot about this place. I have not got a chance to see it however. So, this time, it was right on top of the list of options. It is not too far. So you can do it in one weekend. And it is not close enough to feel like you've not gone anywhere!

So, a few friends and I will be reaching Vizag on the 2nd of October. On the 3rd, we will head out to Araku Valley. We will start for Hyderabad on the 4th evening.

Dialysis, as always, is a major concern for me. I have gone without dialysis for a maximum of 2 nights. That is what it will be this time too. I will not get dialysis on the 2nd and 3rd October nights. I will be back in time for a session on the 4th. I could have dialysed in Vizag. They have good hospitals. But, since it was anyway going to be 2 nights, I decided against it. Who wants to be in a hospital when on vacation? Well, it gives you a day or two extra. But given a choice, I would dialyse only at home.

I am already getting excited about the trip!


Unknown said…
For some pics of what to expect at Araku, see the YouTube link at

Nice AP Tourism resorts at Rishikonda (Vizag), a hilltop at Anantgiri (enroute to Araku) and the Mayuri (?) resort next to the Tribal Museum at Araku.

Have a nice weekend in Oct.