Going back to the bay area - Bay of Bengal that is!

I am off on a brief holiday to Visakhapatnam and Araku tomorrow with a few friends. I am back on Sunday evening. We plan to visit the much talked about Yarada beach in Vizag and then go over to the picturesque Araku valley.

I would like to visit the Ketki falls and Chaparaya where apparently a river runs over sheets of hard rock.

The weather promises to be fun. Rains have been predicted in the area through the weekend. Let's hope the weatherman is right for once!

The last time I hit the Bay of Bengal, a tsunami was triggered. I really hope the sea is more kind this time!


Unknown said…
Take lots of pics.

Ketki Falls approach (one way: 2 km walk after a 4 km bumpy ride) may pose quite a challenge - you may want to skip it. The C Falls are more approachable.

Being in Vizag is like being in Cape Town. Hills on one side and the ocean on the other.
None said…
Waiting for a new post of yours.

The weather must have been difficult. There were unprecedented floods over A.P.

You do have some very queer relationship with water!

Hope you are all safe and happy after a great trip. :)
Kamal D Shah said…
Yes Nicky, we had a great trip. Just posted about it.