Thankfully, its not osteoporosis

I took the day off from work today to try and get a handle on the bone pain. It has been bothering me a lot recently. It has been a month now since I started calcitriol for the Vit D deficiency and it has not helped at all. It has in fact, become worse. I have been advised on the dialysis mailing lists and forums to get a bone density scan. This is done to check if someone has osteoporosis.

So, today I got a bone density scan, also called a DEXA scan. It cost me a whopping 4000 rupees. I was made to lie down on a bed and there was a machine that scanned me. The report was normal. So, at least its not osteoporosis.

So, now the question is what is causing the bone pain? I was asked to repeat my Calcium, Phosphorus and PTH levels again around this time and go for a review. So, that's the plan at least for now.

The bone pain is really my biggest concern at this point. I find it difficult to do my daily activities. My feet hurt when I walk. My back and ribs hurt when I am lying down and want to turn. Any sudden movement hurts too. I really have no clue about what the reason could be.


Haglet said…
Try Glucosamine MSM worked for me and may help you...Can I get ur contact number...we have lot common india ,esrd etc..
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Haglet,

My number is 9848231869. Email is