Coorg calling!

I have avoided any travel ever since I've had the bone pain. But now that I have figured out that the 'end (of the pain) is nigh', I thought it was a good time to do what I love most - travel. A couple of friends from office and I are going to Coorg this Sunday.

I go to Bengalooru on Sunday morning and from there we drive down to Coorg - about five hours, 250 kms. We have bookings at Club Mahindra's resort there. We initially debated between going to Wonder La, the amazing water park at Bengalooru and then going to Coorg but then dropped that plan because it would become too hectic. So, in the end we will be spending two nights at Coorg and returning to Hyderabad via Bengalooru Tuesday night.

I have heard a lot about Coorg and its coffee plantations. A quick google search revealed some other possible highlights - the Abby waterfalls, Talakaveri and Kaveri Nisargadhama. I am not looking to see a whole lot of places. I am just planning to go there and relax. Away from the bustling crowds of the city. Away from the evening traffic jams on my way back from work. Away from the smoke filled air of Hyderabad. And away from dialysis!

Yes, I will not be dialysing for two nights in a row. It should be all right. I did a two night break in October last year too when I went to Vizag and Araku. I did not have any problems. God, that seems such a looong time back. I really should not give such long breaks from traveling!

Anyway, so long folks! Its time to wake up and smell the coffee!


IGA Nephropathy said…
Are you already seeing relief from the pain? Thats great to hear.

I guess you already looked up closest dialysis centers just in case you get held up or something.

I heard that Coorg is very beautiful. I knew of a friend who is from that area and they used to own coffee estates there.

Take care
Anonymous said…
check out the Vyasa Bank counter there too! enjoy!!!
Anonymous said…
Thats so good Kamal. I hope you had good time.
Kamal D Shah said…
Bhanu, no relief from the pain yet. I guess it will take a month or more for any relief to start because this has been going on for months now and a whole lot of Calcium has been leeched from my bones.

Yes, Coorg was beautiful. Too bad we had very little time there. More details in a post soon.

Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Shravan, Srinivas and Anonymous! I had a great time in Coorg.