Update on the little boy with aHUS

I had written a few days back about Sai Karthik, the 3 year old boy with atypical HUS, the disease that I have. Karthik's parents took him to CMC, Vellore, one of the best hospitals in the country where he was put on plasmapheresis. He had to undergo a few sessions of hemodialysis too because his PD catheter was blocked.

Subsequently, a new PD catheter was inserted and he is now stable on PD. He continues to be dialysis-dependent however. They are coming back to Hyderabad this weekend. He will be under the treatment of Dr. Mehul Shah, a pediatric nephrologist of great repute. The plan is to continue the plasmapheresis. His LDH is around 700.

The hope is that the plasmapheresis arrests the activity of the disease and stops the hemolysis. The hope is also that the damage caused to the kidneys in the meantime is minimal.


Did they get their complements analysed? Can you tell me the C3 report?

Kamal D Shah said…
They did the C3 levels initially during diagnosis. Do you want the current C3 levels or will that do?
Just tell me the initial C3 levels