Two months with my iPad

Its been more than two months since I got my iPad. It has been an incredibly useful device. I have stopped using my personal laptop unless absolutely essential. My email, music, pictures, important documents are all on the iPad. The best part is the 3G which enables me to browse the internet on the way to work and back.

Coming to the apps. I have about three screens full of apps. About half of them were free. The most expensive ones I bought were Pages, Numbers and Keynote from Apple for $9.99 each. Now, when I look at the apps I have, I realize that I regularly use only about 4 or 5 out of the 50 odd I have. Some of them I think I shouldn't have downloaded. I never use Pages and Keynote and come to think of it, it was not like they were going 'out of stock' or something that I should have rushed and bought these apps. I guess it was the initial euphoria!

There are a number of other apps that seemed like 'must-haves'. Penultimate, for example. It is an app that allows you to use your iPad like a notebook. Well, an actual notebook. It feels like it is made up of multiple  pages and you write using your finger or a stylus. It seemed really good. I bought it. How many times have I used it? Zero!

Then there is the Virtuoso Piano app. It allowed you to play a piano on your iPad. Best thing since sliced bread, I said to myself. I haven't opened the app after the first time. Ditto for WebMD, Dictionary, Google Earth (this app has an amazing UI, btw) and many others.

I don't regret that I got these apps though. The main reason behind this is that most of them were free or cost me less than a few hundred rupees. The reason people buy apps is either the fun element or the perception of being useful. And they don't cost a whole lot. So, its ok if you don't find it useful.

At the end of the day, I am able to use it in ways that make things easier and do things I wasn't able to do earlier. This in itself is worth the amount I spent on it. The benefit of being connected in a car, at the doctor's clinic, practically anywhere is unmatched. I am so glad I got the 3G model!

There is one problem though. Two months back, I found the perfect excuse to buy an iPad. I need to find a similar excuse to get an iPhone 4!


SCDAFF said…
Gift the iPhone which u r currently using to me and there u go u have a valid reason
Shravan M said…
B said…
Other than 720p video...I am personally not that excited about iphone4. I have enough distraction from my 3GS.....
Anonymous said…
Dear Kamal,
I have the 3G iPad but neither a wifi availibility nor 3G coverage in my city yet. All efforts to connect to my friends wifi network on his BSNL router were failure. Efforts to transfer documents have also been unsuccessful. I was however able to transfer pdf files from windows pc to ipad using iTunes and ibooks throuch USB cable. I purchased Documents to Go from apple store but same could not transfer documents without a wifi connections. Apple has since refunded the amount.
Please guide me if you can:
(a) How to connect to my friends wifi network? He has his user id and password available.
(b) Is Documents to go the best option? Shall I buy it again? How do I transfer documents if I have no wifi / 3 G?
Also advise which all software I should purchase to transfer MS Office documents to my iPad and vice versa ( through USB cable)?
Sorry. Too many questions. I would be grateful for any advise.