Nephrolife - Bangalore's one stop renal shop

During my recent trip to Bangalore, I got a chance to visit Nephrolife. It wasn't planned however. On my way to Wonder la, in the middle of a traffic jam, I happened to notice their ambulance which was right next to our car. I quickly noted the telephone number and called to check if they offered nocturnal dialysis in the hope of utilizing this facility the next time I visited Bangalore. The receptionist transferred the call to the MD, Shriram Vijaykumar.

Shriram invited me over to the center the following day. I went over to Nephrolife on Sunday at around 12:30. They had a few doctors visiting to see the center as well. I met Dev Roy, the Chairman and nephrologists, Dr. Topoti Mukherjee and Dr. Sushma Rani apart from the other members of the team. They really have a fantastic team. Shriram and Dev showed me around the center and I had a great discussion about a lot of things - both related and unrelated to dialysis! Both of them are extremely passionate about providing quality care to renal patients.

Nephrolife is a state of the art center which has the entire gamut of renal services from dialysis to access surgeries to even pre and post transplant care. They have a complete set of specialists on board to take care of every need of the kidney patient.

Their hemodialysis center is extremely high-end with very comfortable dialysis chairs (Shriram actually made me try one!), each attached with its own IP TV that boasts of hundreds of channels and a large collection of movies.

They also take care of all the ancilliary needs of patients like a dietician and a psychologist.

They have also integrated technology very well with the center. Each ambulance is equipped with a GPS. Doctors' notes are also instantly transmitted to a computer using a special note taking device.

The one thing I found surprising is the price of a dialysis session. I couldn't help wondering how they are able to sustain the operation at such low prices! If they are able to keep the prices low and yet run the company, their years at Carnegie Mellon and University of Chicago have not been wasted!

Nephrolife, I am sure, is a welcome change for dialysis patients in Bangalore. They started this center in February this year and already have close to 70 patients which is very commendable. They soon plan to expand to other cities in India. Here's wishing them all the best!


Anonymous said…
Good work Kamal!
My father has renal problems and might need to under go dialysis soon.
I am planning to visit Nephrolife and consult doctors there.
However, can you please tell me the cost of dialysis there?
Also, regarding the nocturnal dialysis, is it done at the hospital or at home?
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Anonymous,

It is best to contact Nephrolife directly about the cost. Nocturnal dialysis is done at the center. But again, please check with Nephrolife directly. Or, please send your contact details to me and I can pass it on to them and then they can get in touch with you.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal,

It is great to know that someone has taken an inititave to built and operate such as center. One more step to address a growing population with renal disorders. Thanks for posting!! Do you know how much does Nephrolife charge per session?

Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Shri,

Thanks for your comment. I do not know how much it costs but I am sure you can visit their website or call them directly and check.

Biswajit said…

Very encouraging to see your post and knowing that you are doing do well in life even after being 13 yrs on dialysis. My father in a CKD patient with poly-cystic kidney and may need dialysis soon. It was really encouraging to read your story in read about nephrolife.

Unknown said…
Hi Kamal, Ur blog was very useful to me. My name is Rakhee and I am a resident of bangalore. Today my mother's blood report showed up a cretinine level of 5.9. The nephrologist in Manipal hospital asked her to be prepared for a fistula for which she has an appointment tomorrow. I had recently visited Nephrolife and met Dr Topoti Mukherjee there. She sounded very nice. Do u have any comments about the doctor?? Which doctor would be the best to contact?? Please help me.
Anonymous said…
hi, my father is having some kidney issues and he is asked to reduce his protein intake in his diet, he also has high level of uric acid and therefore that again calls for another set of restricted diet. would you please help me to get the right diet chart for him which will help to control both his protein and uric acid levels.
Does Nephrolife has a renal dietation who would help me with the same?
Kamal D Shah said…
Hello Anonymous, please call Akhila at +91 97-04-537450. She is a very good Renal Dietician associated with NephroPlus (