Theories that sound nice but have no factual basis

Over the years, I have heard some really fascinating theories about many aspects of kidney disease. Only one thing though - they have no factual basis. For the uninitiated, however, they make a lot of sense.

Sample this. When I was in my initial days diagnosed with kidney disease, a family friend came home. She had a fantastic theory. She made me lie down on my bed with three big pillows below my head. Another three pillows were placed below my legs. The rationale: excess water from the top of my body and from the lower part of my body would collect in my bladder and flow out as urine! Never mind the fact that the kidneys were not producing urine at a normal rate!

I tried a lot of alternate therapies to try and cure my kidney disease. One of them was acupuncture. The practitioner had cured someone with kidney disease. So, we decided to try it out. This person had a really amazing theory. He said that my kidneys had gone to sleep and by putting these sharp needles in the right points, he could 'wake' the sleeping kidneys by giving them a 'jerk'!

I was told by a well-wisher recently that I should not dialyse daily. My body will get used to dialysis and I will not be able to tolerate life without dialysis. Never mind the benefits of daily dialysis. Never mind the left ventricular hypertrophy it has helped me overcome. Never mind the improved hemoglobin. Never mind the active lifestyle this modality has afforded me.

All these theories sound really good. They are, of course, only that - theory. Not practical or scientific at all!


Shai said…
check this link :

It claims some cure!!!
Swati said…
Hi Kamal,

I got your email id through your blog. My sister has been diagnosed with pregnancy associated aHUS. She had a baby boy on the 25th of October, followed by several complications. The doctor (Dr. Sanjeev Gulati) has diagnosed her with aHUS. We are still awaiting the results of the biopsy which was conducted yesterday. I was wondering if there is some way I could contact you. We are located in Delhi.

Looking forward to a response from you.

Warm regards,
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Kamal D Shah said…
Shailu, thanks for the link. If only kidney disease was so easy to cure. These claims are very questionable, to be very honest with you!