NephroPlus turns one!

NephroPlus turns one tomorrow! What a year it has been! We started with one center with four beds and one patient. Today we have two centers with 14 beds and about forty patients. The numbers don't tell the whole story.

When we started, there were two things that were paramount. Prevention of cross-infections and making the whole dialysis experience more pleasant. In my mind, these were the two biggest problem areas in dialysis.

When a person is suffering from kidney failure and needs to undergo dialysis week after week with no respite, no breaks, isn't it criminal to give him or her another life-threatening disease involving another critical organ of the body? Vikram, Sandeep and I realized the gravity of this problem. Vikram and Sandeep brought in their out-of-the-box thinking and expertise in processes and have, touch wood, solved the problem. By institutionalizing novel methods and unique systems, they helped remove the scourge of cross-infections from NephroPlus. I pitched in a little myself by dissecting the guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control in the USA and provided inputs. Prevention of cross infection remains NephroPlus' number one priority.

The second thing we were keen on doing was to improve the dialysis experience for patients, whom we call guests today. Having experienced dialysis sessions at many hospitals in India, I explained to Vikram and Sandeep the thorough boredom I felt during a dialysis session. I also explained the drained feeling I usually felt at the end of a session. Both of them understood entirely and they decided to put an individual television set for each dialysis station and provide free Wi-Fi access. This facility is there in very few dialysis centers in India today.

With Vikram and Sandeep at the launch a year back

Apart from all this, when I interact with guests at NephroPlus, there is one thing most of them say - the center feels like home. The technicians and nurses treat them with so much love and care that the whole experience becomes that much less painful. 

We have set very high standards in the first year of operations. It is going to be very difficult to live up to them. But I am sure we will. The main reason being we all love what we are doing. That makes the task much easier. Going every morning to the center is not a chore. We all look forward to it.

Here's wishing ourselves many more years of success!


Anonymous said…
wish you all the best. thanks for all your contributions
mashhood said…
wishing you all the best... best wishes...