Home alone

My parents have gone on a month and a half long trip to the US. My brother Karan is graduating around now and they have gone for that followed by holidays at a few cities in the US and Canada.

So, that leaves me at home, alone. Well, at 25, you might ask, what's the big deal? Well, nothing much, I say. Just that this is the longest I will be staying alone at home. My parents have gone for short 2-3 day trips and recently a week long trip to Dubai. Never this long. So, its just that I am not used to it, that's all.

For instance, I am at home and some bill arrives in the post. For an instant I think my dad will take care of it. Only, I have to take care of it.

When you're home alone, there are some very unexpected things you need to take care of. For instance, yesterday, two servants in my house fought which ended in one of them 'firing' the other. Who was she, I wondered to 'fire' the other. In such matters, logic finds no place. Stranger things have happened!

Staying alone has its share of advantages too. You are generally the king of the castle. You do as you wish. You eat what you want. You come when you wish and you go when you like. Nobody asks you a question. You have no care in the world!

I do wonder though how long this will last? One week? Two? More? I doubt it. Very soon, I am fairly certain, I will miss being in the company of my parents. I will miss things simply getting 'done'. I will miss seeing only the show on the stage without knowing what's happening backstage! I will have to pretty much manage the backstage!


Enjoy being alone @ home Kamal! :)
Unknown said…
Last time I celebrated my loneliness in a big way by watching all parts of Indian zones 1-4 in a day, Lord of the rings 3 parts in a day, 24 series, Big bang theory season 1 etc.

It is the only chance to be abnormal and enjoy all our addictions. :)
B said…
Are you just 25 years old ?
Kamal D Shah said…
Well, actually I turned 25 in 2000 and ever since stopped aging. So, there!