I am so elated this evening. For months (years?) now I have been a loyal listener of RJ Prateeka on Red FM, the radio channel in Hyderabad. I have posted about her here and here before on this blog. Her show has become so popular in the city that solely due to her following, the channel has now become the number one channel in the city.

So, when we at NephroPlus decided to do a radio campaign for our Hello Kidney initiative, there was no discussion about which channel we would go for. It was obviously Red FM. We chose the same channel for all our subsequent campaigns - Aashayein, Enpidia and now World Kidney Day. I have been co-ordinating the radio campaign. And Vikram, who knows what a huge fan I am of Prateeka suggested I write to her email id and let her know about our story. I did that this morning through our contact in the channel.

This evening, suddenly I got a call from the contact in Red FM that Prateeka was on the call and would talk to me! And before I knew it, I was talking to Prateeka! I gave her a brief background about me and what we're doing at NephroPlus. I talked to her about Aashayein. The best part about it was that she was genuinely interested in what we're doing. She asked the right questions. She also remembered all our campaigns and appreciated the way we treat our patients and the things we do for preventing cross infection etc.

To be very honest, the ten or fifteen minutes I was on call with her were like a dream. I still can't believe it happened! And she invited me over to her studio! Things like this happen very rarely. You listen to the voice for such a long time on radio and the voice occupies a place very high in your mind. When you actually end up talking to the person like this, it almost seems like a dream, like it never happened! I don't know how I will react when I actually meet her!


Anonymous said…
propose to her?
kamal! did you voice an ad in red FM reg. kidney day....taj tristar etc etc?
Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal,
Such experiences are really amazing and inspire a lot. The same kind of feel I have when you spare time for us and talk to us. We proud, to have a person indeed, someone like you.
But one thing I mention here that you are far above than this radio jockey. No comparison at all. Honestly nothing to discourage any body here. Though I understand the excitement of you, I also mind to tell the truth that you are a practically successful person and these R.J’s are more vocal. I don’t undermine their abilities nevertheless. She is also great and did a lot of financial support to many sick people by pleasing the listeners and collecting funds.
During my transplant and after an episode of rejection on the 5th day, though managed well by doctors. That was a most stressful period in my life. Being idle all the day and so many things in mind and so much of negative thinking about the success of transplant.
For passing time when I tuned to radio, listened her and so I was also become a fan of this chubby girl show i.e. F2B and relax a lot by her multi language speech flow with telangana accent. She speaks 3 languages in telangana lang. I also enjoyed the next show by Samir – Recharge.
Finally all I want to say here is that you are sky high than all these people.
Wish you all the success ahead,
With best regards,
Unknown said…
What are u planning to give her?
Roses?? hugs?? huh!! Do post ur experience after ur meeting.
Wow Kamal.... you are luckiest person on the earth....

Did you meet her btw? updates... photos???