There's something about grandparents

My grandmother (mother's mother) stays alone in a huge bungalow right next to ours. She has a Tata Sky connection. Left to herself she would have much rather continued her cable connection where the cable operator would come and ask her for the monthly rent and she would hand out the cash. Now, she has to depend on someone to recharge the account and she does not Iike that one bit. Of course, she did not realize this when the connection was set up by Rudy, her grand-son-in-law!

So now she comes home a couple of weeks before the recharge is due with a crisp Rs. 1000 note and asks me to recharge her account. She also brings in her account id just in case I don't have it. I get on to my laptop and log on to the Tata Sky web page and within a couple of minutes I have her account recharged for three months.

She is usually profusely thankful. She compliments me on how fast I did the recharge and how she is out of tune with the times where everything can now be done on a computer!

That however is not the point of this post.

I often feel embarrassed when she thanks me. For something as little as that. I tell her it was nothing. What I leave out is the number of things she and her late husband, my grandfather have done for me.

It was nothing big really. That's the beauty of it all. Nothing big. Just so many small little things that shows the infinite, unconditional and selfless love they had for me that caused them to do these things. As I write this, my eyes turn moist. I miss you Dada!


Karthik Rao said…
I know how it feels bro, wrt grandparents, i've seen only my maternal grandmom and i miss her even today.

And everything we do is on a relative measure. What you did is simple work on the comp - what it was according to her is that you saved the hassle of standing long queues to pay and the time lost while the cable is back running.
These things bring about true value of love.

Take care bro!
Madras Hash said…
Your grandmother's generation knew how to thank people and other items of courtesy and graciousness. I met one such lady two days ago when I took her and my family to celebrate my father's birth anniversary.

I am afraid that our generation is better at showing the finger, road rage, and stuff like that.

Take time to smell the roses.