Had a great birthday!

I turned xx a few days back. I had a party for the NephroPlus team at home the night before. My parents were very keen on having the clinical staff over. For the last three years Sandeep has been coming home to surprise me at midnight with a bunch of people from the company and I actually cut the cake while on dialysis! So, this year, my parents wanted to have a gathering of the whole team at home.

I sent out the invite to all a few days before hand. People were excited. The Center Manager from our Chennai center and one of our technicians from Mahbubnagar actually came all the way to Hyderabad just for my party!

On the day of the party, we had about eighty people attend the party and we had a fantastic time. We played a game of Antakshari as well apart from a whole lot of singing and dancing. We brought in my birthday at midnight and wound up by about 1.

I got a bunch of gifts as well. Many of them were personalized and I realized that a lot of effort had gone in in putting this together!

The next day, on my actual birthday, I had dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, Little Italy with my family. The good times continued on the 29th as well. In the morning, we had a huge family gathering at an aunt's house (not birthday related, but had a lot of great food and fun!). That evening, I met some friends over dinner at another good place - Olive Bistro.

So, it was an awesome three days of fun!