Advised a major surgery

Yesterday I had written about the diagnosis for my bone pain in the hip area. I went to the orthopaedic doctor and he has given me three options:
  • Grin and bear the pain until I can
  • Undergo a major surgery involving four days of hospitalisation, four weeks of rest and six months for complete recovery
  • 'Try' an injection that may or may not work, has to be injected in the Operation Theatre, and if it works, can give me relief for a couple of years

Mysteriously, the pain has reduced almost instantaneously! :-)

On a serious note, I am planning to see my nephrologist this evening to get his thoughts on this. I really don't want to go through a major surgery at this point. For dialysis during the four days of vacation in the hospital, I would need to be taken on a stretcher in an ambulance to a dialysis centre!

My initial thoughts: bear the pain until I have absolutely no other option. Then go for the big surgery so that it is a 100% solution.

I might change my mind of course. After all, I am about as indecisive a Libran as you will ever find.


Sandeep said…
Hi Kamal - why dont you take it step by step - you have already borne the pain for so long now - so try the injection and see if it works (assuming it has no downside - at least you havent mentioned any) - you would agree its a much better option than the surgery. If it doesnt then once again you can weigh the surgery option. - Sandeep
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Sandeep! I discussed with my nephrologist yesterday as well and we decided to wait for some time before doing anything. Sometimes, it could be an inflammation which could settle down.
Anonymous said…
Hi,I am also suffered from groin /hip pain since last one year.My MRI shows bilateral FAI CAM.How are you now?? and what traetment you had choosen??
I am in mumbai and difficult to get FAI specialist who can traet me .Thanks for reading.Can you please guide me on options available for this FAI CAM in indai.Thanks Dhananjay
Kamal D Shah said…
I was advised to leave it as it is by my nephrologist. I did and the pain is now no longer there!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for reply...Good that you have avoided that major surgery and recovered more help,Can you please tell the name of the orthopedic doctor who has suggested for FAI CAM and hospital..I am asking as i may have to undergo this surgery in future and searching for good orthopedic who is confidant for this surgery in india..Thanks once again..Regards Dhananjay
Kamal D Shah said…
Dr. Udai Prakash, Udai Clinic, Hyderabad.