How I fixed my non-dialysis day sleep problem

I used to relish my non-dialysis days for a long time. However, the numbness in my left hand  which was eventually diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome did not allow me to sleep beyond 2 or 3 am. I would wake up with a severe sensation of pins and needles and pain in my left hand. I would need to massage it and shake it and then try to go back to sleep. I would be able to sleep for a short while and then the sensation would return. Around 4 am or so I would just give up and then wake up completely.

I was operated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in June which relieved the issue in the left hand. Strangely, the sensation began in the right hand almost immediately after the left hand was operated upon. You could argue that this looked like it was a psychological issue. Believe me, it was not. 

I was planning to watch for a while and then have the right hand operated too. However, suddenly I got to know that one of our NephroPlus partner hospitals was conducting a clinical trial on a device that cured Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery. The device was invented by a German mechanical engineer who had the same issue and did not want to undergo surgery for it. I got in touch with the hospital partner and managed to get the device.

I have been using the device for two weeks now and I am happy to report that I was able to sleep through until 6:30 am this Tuesday, my non-dialysis day. Inspired, I took even yesterday (Saturday) off from dialysis and was able to sleep through till 6:20 am. I am so thrilled that it looks like this device will cure the issue for me without surgery.

I will post more details about the device here once I check with the team on whether it is ok or not.