Off to Goa

I’m off to Goa today. I will be there until Sunday. I am meeting my college friends there. The last time we met, we had gone to stay at Oceanside in California, US. The previous time was the Alaskan Cruise  I really enjoy the time I spend with them. These are friendships that have stood the test of time. We love to become the kids we were during our college days and do stuff that we enjoyed back then.

Goa is a great place for a holiday for those on dialysis. It is of course, a great place to relax and also has some very good dialysis centres (NephroPlus recently started a centre there).

I have been to Goa so many times now that my brother calls it my second home. Quite ironic considering the fact that half my blood is Goan.

As it turns out though, given a choice I would rather go off to a place like Rishikesh or Coonoor  I honestly am not much of a beach guy. I also absolutely abhor the salty sea water and would much prefer rafting in the Ganga. But Goa is only a flight away and is considered the ultimate party destination in the country so I keep ending up there most of the time.

Looking forward to the trip!

keep ending up there most of the time.