My Home Hemodialysis in Numbers - 2021

Here's a snapshot of my Home Hemodialysis in 2021 in numbers.

Number of sessions: 257

Average duration: 7.5 hours

Average Weight Gain: 2.8 kgs (Range 1.6 - 4.7 Kg)

Median Weight Gain: 2.45 kgs

Average Pre-HD BP: 112/72 mm Hg (Range 96/54 - 128/82)

Average Post-HD BP: 106/64 mm Hg (Range 86/52 - 126/79)

Average RO TDS: 7.4 (Range 2 - 19)

Average Raw Water TDS: 235 (Range 110 - 386)

Well, some of those numbers might seem ridiculous. The 3rd line, specifically. You might ask me when you do 5 times a week dialysis, how the hell can you drink that much? Even people with healthy kidneys don't drink 2.8 litres of fluid every day. That statement, good sir (or ma'am), has the answer. 

People with healthy kidneys don't drink that much. Because they can. People without healthy kidneys drink that much. Because they can't.


No, I am not going to be embarrassed. Try however much you want.

Happy New Year 2022!


Ushabalasubramanian. said…
Happy 2022 ..Kamal !! Understood after reading multiple times πŸ™ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ☺️πŸ’œ
Usha balu.
Biswajit Roy said…
Hi Kamal - It’s always great to read your blogs. Can you share how you shifted to home based dialysis, the complications, the considerations, the timings, advantages & disadvantages. I always wonder how does 1 deal with the complications of dialysis sessions like low pressure, falling sugar, headaches, cramps, vomitings, etc..when doing home hemo-dialysis Also the cost and the modalities.

This will greatly help people who are considering the same.

Wish you and the entire community a very Happy New Year and May the “Health” be with you. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Biswajit

Allow me to point you to:

In this series, I have chronicled the entire journey. Happy to chat once you have gone through.
Ritu said…
Happy new year Kamal Ji