Goa calling

After a great time a little less than a year back at Goa, my family is going back there. The trip is finalized. We will be there from the 23rd to the 26th. I am really excited!

The choice this time was between Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) and Goa. We considered Vizag because we had heard a lot of good things about it and none of us had had a holiday there. In the end, however, Goa won because we were sure we would have a great time there, never mind if we were there only last year.

I will be there for three nights. So, I have fixed up a session of dialysis on Saturday, the 24th of January at the Apollo Hospital in South Goa since we will be staying in South Goa this time. Last time we were staying in North Goa, at the Baga beach and I had dialyzed in a hospital in Mapusa in North Goa.

I will be missing dialysis on Friday and Sunday only. Monday night I will be back in time for dialysis. So, its not going to be a problem at all. I remember last year, while we were planning the trip, I was really nervous about the dialysis but Bill Peckham reassured me and I went ahead with the trip. How can I thank him enough?

I enjoy travelling so much. That is why I liked PD. You could pretty much travel unfettered. With hemo, there are some restrictions. You can only travel to places that have a dialysis facility close by. There are places like Ooty and Kodaikanal which are great to holiday in, but to dialyze I would need to drive about 3 hours one way which makes it a little bit of a pain.

Luckily there is Goa which has excellent dialysis units in the city itself which is very convenient.

I really wish, however that India soon gets portable hemo machines. That way, I can travel to any place without any problem. NxStage, please listen!


Unknown said…
hello kamal bhai...this is me ridhi(daksha fai's daughter) was reading ur blog....mom also read...she liked the rotla one a lot.
Anonymous said…
Kamal - thanks for continuing to post. I am successfully on PD and you have made me more grateful. I started reading your posts in the middle and I was really discouraged when I read you had to give up PD from a single infection! This will help me to keep it clean. I am having trouble with an extremely slow drain and am having surgery in Nashville, TN tomorrow to try and remove "fat" from around it (though I am only 110 lbs!) Thanks for the encouragment on travel. We had plans to continue our cross continent travel this year and had to cancel. I'm still number one on the kidney-pancreas transplant list. You should investigate the transplant. Again, thank you. My blog is at www.coco-culture.blogspot.com