400 posts and counting!

Ok, this is post no. 400! Wow! That's quite a lot.

Its been more than two years of blogging and 400 posts. I remember starting off inspired by Akbar's blog. To start with, I would write every once in a way. The frequency of the posts slowly increased. I had much more to say. I began enjoying the process thoroughly. Blogging was my manna for the day.

I was going through some of my older posts. I noticed that along with the frequency of posting, the average length of my posts has also gone up. Here's a link to my first post which is incidentally about ten years with kidney disease. Those ten years have now become twelve and a half!

No great surprise - my favorite posts are centered around my favorite things.

At one point I started a series on food. The posts mostly started with "In search of the perfect" and described a particular dish. I loved doing these posts! Unfortunately, I have exhausted the list of my favorite foods.

Then there were the series of posts on the story of my life. I eventually gathered all the links and put them on the top right corner of the page. These posts helped me describe the major events in my life.

I loved doing the posts on funny, little incidents in everyday life. My brother complains that I haven't done this kind of post in a long, long time. But then that's how this is. Nothing terribly funny has happened recently! You can read some of those posts here, here, here and here.

I have always enjoyed reading comments to the posts. Comments on the post reinforce the fact that there are people who are reading the blog and are reacting to it. I have received a few nasty comments but by and large, they have been encouraging and warm. The post about a family game attracted the most comments (10) followed by the story of my diagnosis with CKD up to the transplant (8).

What makes me blog? What is it about blogging that I like so much? For one, I love to write. I love to put my thoughts on paper (or keyboard!). But what really keeps me going is you, dear reader, who have kept reading this blog! I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for this!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for entertaining us! You will be the next Tendulkar in blogging..We want more n more n more from you :)
Kartik said…
Great Kamal! Wow, 400 posts is a lot :) ! Congratulations, and please do keep blogging!
SCDAFF said…
Soooper boss, congratulations. since we are meeting this evening, please come with wallet full of money ( or one credit card is also fine) :P

Let's celebrate
Suresh said…
Hey Kamal, Congrats!!!
LN said…
keep blogging on Kamal
Akbar Pasha said…
Congratulations. I am glad I played some part in this fascinating stories that you weave everyday on your blog. I am really happy for you. Looking forward to more and more interesting posts.
Anonymous said…
Great. I am a big fan.
Unknown said…
Congratulations Kamal. I use to read your blog many times in a week. Please do keep blogging!
s said…
I like the new template. 400 n going on. Congrats.
Imran said…
400 posts !!.Congratulations. and Yes Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Your thoughts are very useful, and sometimes your way of presentation.
Kamal, Dil mange more !!.
Awesome kamal!As you have been inspired by someone, i was inspired by you to start my blog. Cool...keep on!!!
Wonderful score kamal!!! Keep blogging.
Vikram said…
Congrats Kamal on posting 400 blogs! Now I am getting inspired to blog myself - but I should resist since I am a terrible writer :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal:

I have stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for info on Araku and Shirdi.

Your blog has inspired me a lot. Keep blogging!!!!
JanakiRam P.H. said…
Congratulations Kamal . You have crossed magical figure 400.

Keep blogging. Looking forward to see more and more interesting posts.