A rough couple of months

Things have been a little rough on my health front for the last couple of months. It all started when I got back from London. I had some breathlessness a few days after I got back. I underwent a Coronary Angiogram (done by my classmate and now famous cardiologist, Dr. Anuj Kapadiya) which showed Ectatic Coronaries with Slow Flow. Thankfully there were no blocks. I was put on some blood thinning medication.

However even a month and half after the medication, the breathlessness would return for a few hours or sometimes even a day. I went back to my nephrologist and cardiologist. They did another 2D Echocardiogram. That showed something called "Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities in the Right Coronary Artery Region" along with "Akinesia in the Basal Inferior Left Ventricle". Well, that meant some small problem in the heart. I have had Grade 1 Diastolic Dysfunction for some time now and they wanted to do a Stress Echo to check if that was worsening when I exercised. The test came out ok.

I also consulted the amazing Dr. John Agar of Australia at the Home Dialysis Central Forums. Dr. Agar believed it could be fluid hidden in my body. He suggested that I remove an extra 250 ml every other day and see how I felt.

I have started doing this. I am down about 1.3 kgs from my earlier dry weight without any symptoms. So, it could be the answer. But in kidney disease, you never know until you actually know! So, I am hoping this settles soon.

This has hampered my QoL a lot. I have not been able to swim or travel, both of which I enjoy greatly.

Life with kidney disease is never smooth sailing for too long. You keep having issues on and off. It is therefore always important to try to be in control and do what's advised so that you can at least try and prevent the things that are preventable.


Nisha said…
I will put it this way...here the issue for tomorrow has already started...while passing urine..he is having pain...this is..thank god! Tomorrow is dialysis