New Indian website on Pediatric Nephrology

Dr. Sidharth Sethi, a pediatric nephrologist has started an excellent website on pediatric nephrology. It is really great to see doctors in India take to technology. The blog features the latest in the field of pediatric nephrology from around the world.

I have a special interest in this field because my primary disease Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is usually a pediatric disease. Mostly children are affected by this disease. Adults are only rarely affected.

So, a lot of work in this area has been done by pediatric nephrologists. The genetic defects associated with this disease, I would assume, are similar in children as well as adults.

Do check out Dr. Sethi's blog! I have a little article there too!

(Update: Website URL updated on 28th November 2016)


Anonymous said…
Really good initiative, especially since it deals with the pediatric aspect, even as general nephrology sites are not common! But after reading your post there, I hope no one will ever need that site! :-(
Unknown said…
The website is down or link not working?
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Bhanu,

I just checked and the link works for me.

Anonymous said…
I also started dialysis at early age, was 7 years old when I started. Today, I turned 40 years old now and still do dialysis. I recall those early years.. I think most kids will have a hard time coping with the disease and also hard time growing up among their peers. At that age everything from socializing to being active goes down. Depression hits hard in their teen years as they try to fit into young people their same age. Kids on dialysis at that age need special support to get through. It is very important not to have kids on dialysis where only adults have dialysis, they need to be in dialysis clinics exclusively for kids where they can constantly be around kids their age. Sadly, back then I was never able to dialyze in a clinic for kids, it was too far so my only option was to dialyze locally in an all adult dialysis clinic.

Thanks a lot for the appreciation. I really want to create awareness in the community about early detection and treatment of these childhood renal disorders.

I would like you all to join hands with me in this initiative.

Please e mail me your e mail addresses, so that we can go further and try to do our bit in this noble cause
Thanks Kamal for the nice words!

Bhanu, Kartikthum, Dailyhemo please be members of the website, then you can get new updates too.
Kamal D Shah said…
Gus, I totally agree with what you say about children being dialyzed where other children get dialysis. These psychological issues are hardly given importance however.

Thanks Dr. Sethi for starting this website!

Abhishek said…
Suggest me best doctor for pediatric nephrologist
Kamal D Shah said…
Which city are you looking for?
Unknown said…
Can you pls lt me know who is the best paediatric neprologist in India and specifically Mumbai?
Kamal D Shah said…
It is difficult to say who is the best but Dr. Sidharth Sethi (Medanta) and Dr. Arvind Bagga (AIIMS) of Delhi are very good. Also, Dr. Mehul Shah (Rainbow) from Hyderabad is one more name that comes to mind.
Unknown said…
Dear Kamal

I am back with an educational website

Please post a link on all your websites


Dr Sidharth Sethi
Pediatric Nephrology
Medanta, The Medicity