My Home Hemodialysis in Numbers - 2023

Here's my Home Hemodialysis summary for 2023. If you recall, I have been doing this for the last two years now. You can find earlier summaries here: 2021 and 2022

This was the first full year of Daily Nocturnal Home Hemodiafiltration (HDF). Of the 249 sessions, I did  four nocturnal sessions in NephroPlus's Udaipur and Goa centres (two each). I have included these sessions in the numbers below. I also did a few short sessions in other NephroPlus centres. These are not included in the summary below. 

I am really grateful to be able to do slow, gentle, nocturnal sessions. I am very clear in my mind. This is the only reason I am alive today. Given the extent to which I disregard limits on fluid and diet, I would have packed my bags long ago. It is this modality that keeps me going. 

This year was special compared to the last few years. I launched my book, Silver Lining - The Story of NephroPlus. This truly was a turning point in my life. The fact that I had many luminaries from various fields not only endorse the book but also attend the launch, was an honour. The book launch brought about several speaking engagements - a TEDx talk (video of the talk here), the Mumbai Lit Fest, the Keynote address at one event in my school's (The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet) centenary celebrations and so on.

So, without further ado, here is how 2023 went by from my Home Hemodialysis perspective:

Number of sessions: 249 (241 HDF, 8 HD)

Average duration: 7.54 hours 

Average Weight Gain: 3.27 kgs (Range 1.25 - 5.7 Kg)

Median Weight Gain: 2.85 kgs

Average UF: 3.28 l (Range 1 - 4.2 l)

Median UF: 3.5 l

Average Pre-HD BP: 107/68 mm Hg (Range 89/53 - 124/82)

Average Post-HD BP: 102/70 mm Hg (Range 80/54 - 122/90)

Average RO TDS: 0.8 (Range 0 - 11) 

Average Raw Water TDS: 242 (Range 25 - 372)


    Cramps: 11 times

    Dizziness: 1 time

    Venous site ooze: 1 time

I am quite distressed by the poor prevalence of Daily, Nocturnal Hemodialysis / HDF in India and even the world over. Even the so-called developed countries have such low numbers of people getting more frequent, longer duration dialysis sessions. I read a book recently about the dialysis system in the US and realised that when dialysis was introduced, it was all done at home for longer duration. It is really sad how that optimum dialysis has now given way to 'bazooka' dialysis which is not at all good for patients.

Anyway, here's wishing you, dear reader, a happy, healthy and blissful 2024!


Usha Balasubramanian said…
Dear Kamal
As always - amazing and inspiring! Stay healthy and happy. God bless !!☺️🧡
Usha Balu.
Impressive data which we are finding it difficult to reproduce in the US.
Your journey is inspiring and motivational
Would love to participate in the growth of your organization in a small way

Portland Oregon
Krishnan said…
Truly this was 'Man ki baath' by Kamal.
Vikas said…
Amazing Kamal
I just bought your book two days back and finished Part 1 in a day.
Thanks for sharing your story with a wider audience. It is an inspiration to patients, caregivers and doctors dealing with Dialysis and Kidney diseases.

Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks so much Usha ma'am, Dr. Raghuram, Dr. Krishnan and Vikas!
Neeraj said…
Thanks for sharing your journey!
It surely is going to break the bazooka syndrome and welcome people on more frequent HD sessions per week. I was also hesitant initially questioning Nephrologist why on earth they want to have thrice in a week HD sessions for my wife at Dialysis center but after reading articles of few of the UK and Australia doctors , it's quite evident frequent HDs is a better route.