A rather unusual month

A typical month from my life looks like this:
  • Work full time
  • Swimming
  • Strength Training
  • ~20 nights of dialysis without any complications
  • No EPO / Iron (as my Hemoglobin was normal)
  • No nights spent in a hospital
  • No surgeries
  • No pain
  • Good sleep
  • Movies
  • Eating out
  • etc etc etc
This last month has been quite the opposite:
  • Lot of time off from work, work part-time rest of the days
  • No swimming / walking
  • Physical Therapy to build strength
  • Less than 20 nights on dialysis, some with several complications
  • Lot of EPO / Iron as my Hemoglobin has plummeted 
  • 5 nights spent in the hospital
  • One major surgery - a complete hip replacement
  • Lot of pain
  • Very poor sleep
  • Low grade fever on most days
  • Shortness of breath
  • etc etc etc
The hip replacement was necessitated after a hip fracture I had on Diwali day after tripping, with my left leg (which was already in trouble) bearing the brunt of the entire body weight and breaking as a result.

To make things worse, the head of the team of surgeons who operated upon me called me a few days after the surgery and told me that they had mistakenly used a wrong sized part during the surgery. Instead of using a 36 mm diameter liner, they used a 32 mm diameter liner. The medical consensus seems to be to perform corrective surgery to replace the wrong-sized liner.

For now I don't even want to think of the corrective surgery until I have recovered completely from the first surgery!

The last month has been very challenging. Trouble is I am used to a normal life. Daily Nocturnal Home HD does that to you. Spoils you. When you have a setback such as this one, you can find it difficult to cope.

I have dabbled with switching to Conservative Care multiple times in the past few weeks. The low hemoglobin and fever pull you down so much, you don't feel like doing anything.

Right now, I am just hoping for a turnaround that seems to be evading me.


Nisha said…
OMG..Kamal ! Knowing you ..iam positive you will bounce back soon .,Take care .God bless !! What about reading ..did you manage to read ?๐Ÿค—❤️
Usha Balu.
Anonymous said…
Praying for you sir
Unknown said…
Get well soon sir. It's difficult but you have the power of brave fighter. This is a small time of pain. The upcoming life will be more joyful. One More story going to be add for inspiration. TC Sir.
Anonymous said…
I've always admired your courage and ability to handle anything life throws your way sir. I know you'll get through this, too. You’ll be feeling healthy and strong again soon! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Mumbai Fan said…
Take care Kamal. Knowing you, you will come out of this phase too.
Unknown said…
Get well soon Kamal Sir.
Arvind M Shah said…
You are a strong person and i am sure you will overcome all the hurdles and will be fit and fine soon
Dr Krishnan said…
Our best wishes and prayers for your recovery. Can we reduce the Dialysis to thrice a week, thereby reducing Heparin which can contribute to osteoporosis
Dr Krishnan
Meera said…
Best wishes and praying for your speedy recovery sir! You shall get back to normal very soon!
MarienO’ said…
Dearest Kamal, my boy,

I’m praying right now for our ever loving merciful God to work His miracle healing on you, more than you can ever imagine.
You’re going to be stronger and fitter as this phase passes.
I’m standing on the faith I have in Christ Jesus, His blessed Son, who healed a lame man lying paralyzed by a pool.
Jesus said to him, take up your bed and walk!
Miracles happen even now.
And bringing my prayer before God’s throne room of Grace, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen and Amen ����
To God be all the glory!
Kamal said…
Anonymous said…
This too shall pass, you're a braveheart and we all look up to you. Glad you're sharing and able to articulate exactly what you're feeling, it's already a great way to cope and recover faster. Take your time, you'll be back to your normal schedule in no time. My best wishes for an early recovery and quick 2nd recovery as well.