2009 - a roundup

Update from the swimming pool

Rudy learns the ropes at Ferndale

The T tangle - what's the way out?

Debilitating bone pain

Life expectancy

Thankfully, its not osteoporosis

Had I been given some more time to live my life fully

New Indian website on Pediatric Nephrology

Vijaya Diagnostics - too good!

Is this the way such important decisions should be taken?

Telangana - different perspectives

Healthy people - never take your body for granted

Used a new site, used a sharp, slept well after a long time!

Arterial pain back

Flexible code versus less code

You're probably really famous but...

One year at Grene

I will at least know if there is a ray of hope

Treating Vitamin D deficiency

Adding multiple items to svn in one shot

Low Vitamin D level

400 posts and counting!

Lidocaine - to use or not

Bone pain

If only someone else could worry on my behalf

These are a few of my favorite things

Quiet working spaces

Hemodialysis starting kit - shortage all around


Blood drops keep falling on my bed...

Hot water to help reduce amount of water consumed

The clock starts ticking

Yippee, finally figured out how to disable app updates in Facebook

Free dialysis - coming soon to a center near you

Arterial buttonhole

Lighting up a life - the story of Diane Franks

Are white lies used by managers really beneficial in the long run?

No dialysis for 2 days - how it felt

Chaparai video

Trip to Vizag and Araku - 3

Trip to Vizag and Araku - 2

Trip to Vizag and Araku - 1

Going back to the bay area - Bay of Bengal that is!